Firefighter Training, Technical Rescue

Grain Bin Rescue

Issue 11 and Volume 166.

BY MATT ROSE Scenario 1: A hired hand returns from running an errand in town to find the farmer’s dog standing at the bottom of a grain bin ladder. He finds it odd that the dog is there when he typically goes nowhere without his master. That constant noise suddenly snaps to the foreground with the realization: He’s inside, and the unloading auger is on. Scenario 2: A grain hauler arrives for his next load and finds no one around. He decides to start unloading the grain bin and filling the truck. While he observes the slowing flow of grain from the auger, an article of clothing appears from the chute. Scenario 3: A farmer enters a bin to use a metal rod and knock down some of the grain caked to the sides. As he begins this process, he frees more than anticipated and an avalanche engulfs him up…

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