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Hand Tool Security Bar and Gate Removal

Issue 11 and Volume 166.

By ROGER STEGER Security bars and gates can be found in almost any setting. The previous mindset that they were only present in higher-crime, poverty-stricken areas is not the case anymore. More decorative, stylish versions are being installed in much of the country. Some businesses are mandating their installation at their facilities nationwide. More times than not, power saws are perceived as the only means to defeat these devices. This is far from the truth. You can defeat most security bars and gates with a set of conventional irons (eight-pound ax and halligan). Knowledge and familiarity are keys to a positive outcome. Most of these devices appear more intimidating than they are. Whether they have been installed by professionals or by amateurs, if you know the installation techniques you can efficiently defeat them. It is important to familiarize your crew with the devices that are in your response area. Some…

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