Arsonist Caught on Tape Starting Fire at St. Paul (MN) Bar

Last week, a St. Paul bar was targeted by an arsonist. Spiess caught the crime on surveillance camera and now hopes the public can help find the man responsible, reports KARE 11.

Spiess is still in the process of buying Mounds Park Lounge, what he hoped was a retirement investment, on the 1600 block of Hudson Road off Interstate 94. He hoped to debut it as new sports bar next month, but his first visitor had plans of his own.

On Jan. 10, Spiess left the bar around 5 p.m. After 2 a.m., a masked man threw a brick through the front window of the bar, and then lit a bottle filled with gasoline and set the bar ablaze. What he didn’t realize, nearly a dozen surveillance cameras recorded his every move.

“The whole window blew right off. Just thank God somebody wasn’t walking by,” said Spiess, who said an arsonist target the businesses a few months back but was fairly unsuccessful, starting only a small fire that did little damage.

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