Large Wharton (NJ) Likely Started in Basement

A massive fire on Wharton’s South Main Street Wednesday night that destroyed and damaged three, two-family houses and injured three people appears to have started in the basement of 183 South Main Street, reports

At 10:30 p.m., Wharton police responded to the residence — which is connected to 185 South Main Street — for a report of a fire, and patrols saw fire in the rear first floor of the residence, Lt. David S. Young said. The occupants of that residence and surrounding houses were evacuated, he said.

But the fire spread, moving first to the other side of the residence before jumping to two multi-family houses next door, he said.

“It was an ongoing battle because it jumped from 183 (South Main Street) to 185 (South Main Street relatively fast and then jumped to separate structures in opposite directions,” Young said.

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