New York Boy Who Died Saving Relatives to Get Firefighter Funeral

Tyler Doohan, the 8-year-old upstate New York boy who rescued six relatives from a fire but died while trying to save his grandfather, will be laid to rest Wednesday with a ceremony and honor befitting a fallen firefighter, reports CNN.

The Penfield Fire Co. has kept an honor guard standing by the remains of the boy during calling hours since Monday, and at the end of a church service on Wednesday, Penfield Fire Chief Chris Ebmeyer will declare Tyler an honorary firefighter and present his family with a special fire helmet inscribed with the boy’s name.

NY Boy Rescues Six from Fire, Dies Attempting to Save Seventh Person

“The young man acted with a lot of courage and bravery to try to rescue his grandfather after rescuing other members of his family,” Ebmeyer said. “He showed valor and strength, and paid the ultimate sacrifice.”

Ebmeyer said he received calls from fire departments from Maine to California, saying something should be done to honor Tyler.

At the service, firefighters from multiple fire departments will stand at attention in formal “Class A” dress uniforms with bagpipers playing — the hallmarks of a traditional firefighter’s funeral, Ebmeyer said. There will be no funeral procession at the family’s request.

“We want to honor him in a way family and friends will remember and look at him as a hero,” Ebmeyer said. “He should be looked at as going above and beyond, even putting his life in danger… This is what firefighters do.”

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