Fire EMS, Firefighter Training

Pediatric Seizures

Issue 2 and Volume 167.

BY KAREN OWENS Scenario: “Medic 1 for the seizure call.” After marking en route, you wait for the additional, “Medic 1, you are en route to 2420 John Drew Parkway for the seizure. Caller states that her daughter had a seizure and is currently unresponsive.” You ask the dispatcher for the patient’s age and history and find out that your patient is an eight-month-old with no history of seizures. As you continue your response, you begin running potential causes through your mind to help prepare your treatment plan. The pediatric patient can cause anxiety in even the most experienced providers. The potential for so much to change in such a short time is high, and the causes of injury and illness are potentially unknown. Besides, with a child as young as your primary patient, you are no doubt faced with the need to care for the child and the child’s…

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