Firefighting, Tech Zone

The Batman Suit

Issue 2 and Volume 167.

  BY BOBBY HALTON There is an amazing scene in the movie “Batman Begins” where the man who designs all the Batman gadgets, played by Morgan Freeman, is giving a tour of the research facility. The facility is slated to be closed because of budget cuts, and the benevolent Bruce Wayne is wondering why such innovation would be stopped. As Freeman’s character and Bruce Wayne are walking among the inventions, they see a suit designed for the military. To the best of my memory, a conversation ensues about the suit, which is described as being bulletproof, fireproof, and in general extremely effective in protecting soldiers from a wide variety of common threats. Bruce Wayne, obviously impressed by the protection the suit affords, asks Freeman’s character how the suits were received by the military. Freeman says the military never got them, never purchased them, because the suits cost $10,000 and the…

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