Apparatus & Equipment, Extrication Zone, Firefighter Training


Issue 2 and Volume 167.

>> VIEVU’s VIEVU² is the first wearable, ruggedized Wi-Fi video camera designed for the professional workforce. Rugged and compact, VIEVU² can be worn on a belt, lapel, pocket, or other places bulkier cameras simply don’t fit. VIEVU² delivers on-the-go security ideal for professionals including first responders, firefighters, and facilities managers, among many others. Additional features include a lens-activated “one switch” design for quick activation by lens (even while wearing gloves), recording modes for high and standard definition, a 95° field of view, and 90 minutes record time. (888) 285-4548. >> HazMatIQ’s S.A.F.e KIT provides responders with five pieces of basic detection equipment required to operate in the hot zone of hazmat/CBRN incidents. The S.A.F.e kit complements the HazMatIQ response system by providing the responder with Stay Alive Five equipment in a mission ready kit. The kit includes a radmeter, F Paper, pH paper, temp gun, and LEL meter. This…

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