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Reno (NV) Firefighters Mentoring Students

Reno firefighters, operators and even chiefs are getting out of the firehouse, and into the school house to mentor local students, reports KRNV Reno.

Reno Firefighter Anthony Marvel wanted to make a difference, so he and about 10 others from the Fire Department started volunteering at Roger Corbett Elementary School last fall. “Every time I come here, I leave smiling and laughing about something.”

“I remember being a kid and you are, especially at an age like this, you’re already so self aware, so worried about everything that’s going on around you, worried about you,” said Marvel. “This is a great environment to just be yourself.”

Firefighter Leonard Munoz says he’s happy to be giving back. “I live in the city of Reno, so it’s awesome that I can get out here and have a positive influence on the young children in our community.”
Kids like sixth-graders Aundriea Arbuckle and Aidan Orozco, who are already learning a lot about their mentors. “They can be creative with fun things and that grown-ups are not that bad after all,” said the 11-year-old Orozco. Arbuckle, 12, said, “It’s awesome. I like them being here. It’s fun to hang out with them.”

Corbett Elementary Principal Denise Dufrene says while they are playing football or soccer, the kids are doing more than just having fun. “They’re getting some really nice character education.”

“The coolest part is we get to talk to them and spend time with them. We call them our mentors,” said Arbuckle.

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