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Last Chance Rescue Filter Helps Save Firefighter

On October 8, 2013, a firefighter in a major metropolitan area experienced the life-saving ability of the Last Chance Rescue Filter® when he was trapped in a church fire. To see the video of his story:

The Last Chance Rescue Filter is an emergency escape device designed to provide 15 minutes of purified air to a firefighter if an out-of-air emergency should occur. The three-stage filter design eliminates particulates and potentially lethal gases present in a structural fire. This small, lightweight device hooks to a belt or strap and snaps on in seconds, when needed. Models are available to fit major SCBA equipment such as Scott, MSA, Draeger and Sperian. The unit has a 5 1⁄2 year shelf life.

The Last Chance Rescue Filter is manufactured by Essex Industries. Founded in 1947, Essex Industries manufactures products for the First Response, Aerospace and Defense, Safety and Medical markets. Essex Industries is located in Saint Louis, Missouri. For more information on the Last Chance Rescue Filter visit