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Hempstead (NY) Firefighters Rescue Residents from Balcony During Fire

Photos and article courtesy First On Scene Photos

Two residents were rescued from a balcony after a raging fire broke out on the afternoon of February 10 in their Jackson Street apartment in Hempstead, New York.

The fire apparently started in apartment 2G with an electrical malfunction and sent thick black smoke throughout the building. A father and his son were trapped on a second floor balcony with no way to the ground.

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Hempstead firefighters arrived quickly at the scene and immediately set up ground ladders to the balcony. The two men were safely removed from their perilous position to awaiting EMS personnel in the street.

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A second alarm was sounded bringing neighboring department to the scene for extensive search and overhaul operations. Several families were displaced and Red Cross representatives were on the scene to assist.

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