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PETA To Honor Davie (FL) Firefighters for Puppy Rescue

The quick thinking Davie firefighters who saved a puppy after he fell into a drainage pipe will be honored by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, reports CBS Miami.

On Monday, February 17th, firefighters were called to a home on King Arthur Avenue after Sugar, a Pomeranian puppy, slipped into a hidden drainage pipe while playing in the front yard of his Davie home.

“It was playing around in the grass like it usually do and then all of the sudden he just fell bottom first,” said Simone Walker.

What started as a simple rescue attempt with firefighters sticking their arms into the pipe where the pup disappeared, quickly grew into about a major operation.

“When we got there I said we’re gonna need help,” said Davie Firefighter Roberta Quinones.

A backhoe was brought in to dig up the dirt around the pipe.

Then, firefighters pumped in fresh air to make sure the dog could breathe.

Kenneth Cox, a firefighter, was part of the special ops team that pumped air down the pipe to Sugar.

“We didn’t know what direction he had gone,” said Cox. He could have gone all the way to the lift station so we had to work hard to get him out.

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