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Firefighter Training Drill: Maintaining Access and Egress


By Dan Saalfrank

Fire Department of New York

Instructor,Traditions Training, LLC.

We are all aware of the importance of getting where we need to go. Forcing entry is providing access for the engine company to make a stretch, getting in there to do a rapid primary search, or fighting a heavily fortified door of a commercial occupancy. Once we make it in and the hoseline is ready to move in, you must not give up the work we have already done!

Not maintaining our access points may lead to others having to duplicate our work. Not maintaining our access points may also limit our egress if you need to make a hasty retreat because of rapidly deteriorating conditions. As hoselines cross the threshold of the doorway, not maintaining these access points may prevent the line from properly being charged and, perhaps worse, become wedged under a door.

Most multiple dwellings have numerous doors that will eventually need to be chocked open. Consider an apartment building that has two entrance doors, an enclosed stairway with a street level door and a floor level door, and then finally the fire apartment door.  Having 5 potential doors to maintain open can be a common occurrence depending on your response district. It is imperative to have a system in place for the doors to be maintained in the open position.

This quick drill notes a few door chocks that can be placed “outside the pocket.” Take a look at how many and where you carry your door chocks.

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