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Power Saw Operations: How Proficient Are You?

Issue 3 and Volume 167.

By Frank Ricci and P.J. Norwood Ventilating a roof with a power saw WHILE working over hostile conditions demands a level of proficiency that too many firefighters are lacking. When we entered the fire service, the recruit class consisted of instructions on how to cut a hole and work in personal protective gear. Everyone in the class had worked with saws or other tools and had a degree of natural aptitude. Today, as Battalion Chief David Rhodes from the Atlanta (GA) Fire Department has stated, “Most kids haven’t even cut the grass.” Instructors must recognize a need for building block instruction. (1) Kickback from a cut-off saw causes significant injury to a skilled operator. (Photo by Frank Ricci.) The power saw is a critical piece of power equipment that we must maintain properly so that it will work as designed when needed. It is one of those tools that can…

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