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The 2014 Company Officer: Are You Up for the Challenge?

Issue 3 and Volume 167.

BY STEVE PRZIBOROWSKI Regardless of what your fire department calls the rank of company officer (sergeant, lieutenant, captain, or senior captain), it is critical to know what you are getting yourself into should you aspire to serve at that rank or should you already be serving in that position. Often, many fire department personnel seem to begin the promotional preparation process or accept the company officer badge from their chief without knowing what it involves. In my travels around the country discussing and presenting classes related to promotional preparation, leadership, and company officer development, I am still amazed at how many future and current company officers are in over their heads with regard to not knowing what they are in for on promotion to company officer. It’s quite scary to hear some of the things I am told or overhear from personnel serving as or aspiring to be company officers.…

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