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FDIC 2014 Preview: Critical Decision Making Under Fire

Keene (NH) Fire Department Lieutenant Billy Greenwood will be teaching “Critical Decision Making Under Fire: 2014 Interior Benchmarking” at this year’s FDIC.

Greenwood will present a proven situational awareness (SA)  model of how to operate safely inside a hostile fire environment that attendees can pass on to fellow firefighters. Students will acquire real-world information from past experiences of thermal insult injuries, review some of the National Institute of Standards and Technology and UL studies on fire dynamics, and participate in an in-depth look at the limited protection factors personal protective equipment affords the firefighter. Thermal imaging in relation to today’s fire dynamics will be thoroughly explained, and students will be introduced to the five-step SA model: What do I see? What do I hear? What do I feel? Where am I? and How much air have I used?–the  critical information needed to make better decisions under fire on advancement, ventilation, or retreating.

WILLIAM GREENWOOD is a lieutenant with the Keene (NH) Fire Department and the owner of FETC Services. He hosts “Tap the Box” on Fire Engineering Radio.