Report from H.O.T.: Day 1

By Chris Mc Loone

Visiting this year’s H.O.T. sites will be a little different for me as I am not only going to observe but to check up on my own firefighters who made the trip out to Indy this year. This is the first year Weldon Fire Company has sent firefighters to FDIC for H.O.T. training.  As Weldon’s training officer, sending members to FDIC has been on my wish list and I will always consider it an accomplishment.

When I met them at the buses this morning, one of the things I stressed to Kevin and Mark was how the group of people they were about to train with brought a different kind of attitude with them from their departments. Firefighters who make the trek to Indy being a seriousness to training that is only encountered at FDIC.

A car pinned under a large truck during vehicle extrication HOT at FDIC 2014.

Firefighters train on cutting at FDIC 2014.

As usual at the buses there was a mix of first timers and FDIC veterans. You can usually tell the newbies by the tired look on their faces. The veterans, who are well rested, have that, “I told you you’d want a good night’s sleep,” look to them.

As we see every year, FDIC’s resources allow firefighters to experience the most realistic training available. And, it’s not only the students who get excited about FDIC. Ray McCormack, lead instructor for the Urban Essentials H.O.T. evolution proudly showed off a prop he designed for the class–a prime example of instructors constantly pushing to evolve their classes to bring the most relevant training to the table.

A shot of Ray McCormack's new HOT prop.

Fire apparatus set up for training at FDIC 2014.

Chris Mc Loone is the editor of Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment magazine.