Frank Ricci: Applying Science without Abandoning Aggressive Tactics

Wednesday afternoon class sessions at FDIC 2014 found one of the most esteemed members of the fire service presenting to a standing room-only crowd as New Haven (CT) Fire Department Lieutenant Frank Ricci brought his class “Applying Science without Abandoning Aggressive Tactics” to the Indianapolis Convention Center.


“What is old is new again; the UL and NIST is not as scary as it seems,” Ricci said. My class breaks down the science into practical application without losing who we are. The fire service had most of the pieces of the puzzle. The UL and NIST studies are just helping us put the puzzle together.”


Here, Ricci talks about the dangers of superheated personal protective equipment:

Ricci’s interactive presentation offered several life-threatening scenarios that challenged students as to how they would react and what decisions they would make when confronted with the harsh realities of the fireground.


“Firefighters are expected to make almost perfect decisions off of imperfect information.”



“If the student thinks the studies will lead to standing outside, writing off victims, and uncoordinated operations, they are wrong!” Ricci said. “Some are trying to bend the data to advocate for an exterior fire department; this class shows that they are wrong! We can still be aggressive, smart, and effective while applying science.”