Firefighter Training, Firefighting

Successful Training Depends on Practice and Trust

Issue 4 and Volume 167.

BY MARK vonAPPEN Firefighter survival and Mayday training have saturated the training circuit over the past few years. These important foundational skills have no doubt increased our awareness of the perils of the fireground. In the days following these or other drills, the average firefighter’s skill level in these areas is elevated, his awareness is heightened, and the path to skill mastery is in sight. But as weeks and months pass without incident, complacency creeps in, and the path becomes overgrown. Skills and attentiveness are pushed to the farthermost recesses of the mind. In these times of doing more with less (and things are only getting worse), it is imperative that we maintain readiness at the individual and company levels to ensure combat effectiveness. What happens if we do not practice these skills regularly to maintain a sharp edge? How often does your crew practice the firefighter survival basics or…

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