Firefighter Training, Firefighting, Leadership

The American Fire Service Leadership Pandemic

Issue 4 and Volume 167.

BY ANTHONY KASTROS Leadership is one of the most overused words in the fire service. There is no shortage of discussion, theory, books, articles, and philosophies on leadership. Unfortunately, there is a massive crevasse between all the information and true leadership in action across the American fire service landscape. Simply put, we are suffering a leadership pandemic. Many fire departments across the country have excellent leaders. These individuals mentor; build others up; move their organizations forward; and serve with humility, skill, and integrity. The problem is that these individuals either came from the factory as good “natural” leaders or went out and sought the art of leadership on their own. These exceptional individuals are becoming extinct, and most fire departments lack in-house, systematic, modern, realistic, effective, continual and hands-on leadership training. Reading a book or an article or attending a workshop on leadership is just the tip of the iceberg.…

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