Fire Prevention & Protection, Firefighting

Structural Firefighting: Rapid Intervention and NFPA 1407

Issue 4 and Volume 167.

BY MIKE MASON By now, departments throughout the United States should be familiar with the need for rapid intervention and the extreme importance of its presence on the fireground. The relationship among rapid intervention policies; rapid intervention crews (RICs); rapid intervention training; and officers, RIC leaders, and chief officers can be overwhelming as can be meeting the standards of National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1407, Standard for Training Fire Service Rapid Intervention Crews. It is also necessary to correlate NFPA 1407 with other important standards that mention the need for rapid intervention. (1-4) Firefighters perform firefighter rescue and survival techniques during training. (Photos courtesy of RICOFIRERESCUEINC.) RICs and firefighter survival go hand in hand especially when training and preparing a solid rapid intervention presence on the fireground. A fire chief or incident commander’s worst nightmare at structural fires is a Mayday. Just gaining control of such an incident can be…

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