Firefighting, Truck Company

Preplanning Pays Off

Issue 4 and Volume 167.

By Michael M. Dugan Preplanning pays off! Every department, every firehouse, and every company has one: a building that you dread hearing the tone drop for, the address that scares you and all of the members of your unit. These buildings are in every district and in every town. What makes one operation at these buildings go like clockwork and another one take a bad turn? The answers are preplanning and prefire knowledge. Companies and departments that drill at these buildings usually have a better and safer firefight and fewer issues during a fire. (1) Firefighters have a line in place and are ready to advance into an adjoining store as the primary line is preparing to operate in the rear. (Photos 1 and 2 by Anthony Guerne. (2) The front store windows have been taken on orders of the IC because the line in the rear of the building…

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