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City of Spokane Fire Department Deploys First SafetyPAD ePCR FDM RMS Interface

City of Spokane Fire Department (SFD) recently went live its new electronic patient care reporting system, SafetyPAD. This is another large city who has selected SafetyPAD ePCR as its premier provider and will be the first with the first two-way fire records interface between SafetyPAD and FDM Software’s Records Management System (RMS).

The joint implementation makes it easier for the department to leverage best of breed solutions without increasing overhead costs and, at the same time, enhance operational and strategic planning capabilities.

“This integration will allow us to continue providing top level service to the City of Spokane citizens while saving tax payer dollars,” said Brian Schaeffer, Assistant Chief of the City of Spokane Fire Department. “Utilizing both systems as one not only lessens our administrative overhead, but also streamlines our emergency response processes.”

SafetyPAD trained all department personnel on the electronic patient care reporting platform after extensive ride-a-longs and consultation with key members of the department to best understand SFD’s needs and customization requirements.

“We were able to offer a rapid deployment schedule to get the department up and running with SafetyPAD. Our teams were also able to implement the two-way FDM fire records interface and CAD communications at go-live,” said Scott Streicher, COO of SafetyPAD. “Our joint solutions means departments like the City of Spokane can have a best in class solutions like SafetyPAD and FDM that interact with one another seamlessly. We are excited to be the only ePCR vendor with a two-way interface to FDM.”

The City of Spokane is also working on development plans to share their data with area hospitals and third party EMS transport services in the near future.

“Congratulations to the City of Spokane Fire for selecting SafetyPAD, FDM’s premier ePCR partner,” said Ed Colin, president of FDM Software. “This implementation with Spokane City Fire is a great example of the benefits to be gained by sharing data with a seamless ePCR-RMS interface. SafetyPAD and Spokane City Fire have done an excellent job with getting this up and running in record time.”

The Spokane Fire Department operates 15 stations throughout Spokane and provides emergency response, prevention education, and training.