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Standpipe Operations: Stretching and Advancing Hose

Issue 5 and Volume 167.

BY BILL GUSTIN There is a vast difference in the number of firefighters needed to stretch hose from a standpipe when it is dry vs. once it has been charged. One company can stretch several lengths of hose; it is limited only by the number of hose bundles the members can carry. Once hose is charged, it becomes rigid and much heavier. Advancing a charged hoseline up stairs, around corners in the fire floor hallway, and through the fire apartment or office suite is a multicompany operation. Every firefighter wants to be on the nozzle, but the nozzle won’t get to the fire if everyone is crowded at the end of the hoseline. It takes discipline and strong leadership for firefighters to resist their natural inclination to get close to the nozzle and the fire. Proficiency in stretching and advancing hoselines from standpipes can be achieved only by frequent, realistic,…

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