Building Construction, Firefighting, Truck Company

Taxpayers and Strip Malls: Construction and Tactics

Issue 5 and Volume 167.

BY DAVE TOPCZYNSKI An understanding of building construction is one of the best tools firefighters can have to help them perform safely and efficiently at a fire. It may not be possible to know the specific details of a building’s layout before a fire, but by studying how buildings are constructed, we can predict how a fire will behave, travel, and react in different types of buildings. Since each type of construction method presents different issues at a fire, understanding how a building is constructed lets us choose the best strategies and tactics. Often, firefighters call any attached row of stores a taxpayer or a strip mall, but they are two different types of buildings. Knowing their construction differences and similarities enables the company to gather pertinent preplan information and select the best tactics at a fire. Knowing how fire operations differ at a taxpayer vs. a strip mall, firefighters…

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