Fire EMS, Legal, Terrorism

Guns to Gauze: Limiting Casualties at Mass Shootings

Issue 5 and Volume 167.

BY TRACY L. FRAZZANO and G. Matthew SNYDER The rapid transition from offense to defense is one that professional athletes master early in their careers. An interception or a sudden change in ball possession results in an immediate and forceful effort to limit the damage from the change in momentum. The reaction on the part of the athlete is nearly instantaneous. This rapid transition concept has applicability for public safety responses to active shooter events. Police, fire, and emergency medical services (EMS) professionals must recognize the change from a dynamic situation (one that is evolving rapidly because of a suspect’s actions) to a static one (one that is contained). Once realizing the change, they must instinctively shift their collective priorities from neutralizing a threat to saving the lives of victims and potential casualties. (1) Law Enforcement and EMS coordinated response to multiple casualties while under fire. (Photos 1-4 courtesy of…

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