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Extend the “brotherhood” to cover emotionally troubled firefighters

Issue 6 and Volume 167.

“The brotherhood of firefighters.” “We take care of our own.” “Everybody goes home at the end of the shift.” These are statements we have heard in movies, read in books, and used around the firehouse for years, but do they accurately portray what is happening today? Are we taking care of our own when it comes to behavioral health issues? Is everybody going home at the end of the shift with the proper state of mind? Does the brotherhood exist, or are we turning a blind eye toward emotionally troubled firefighters? These are the questions every member of the fire service, especially chief officers, should be asking themselves. Firefighters are ordinary people who are called on to do extraordinary things. They run into burning buildings when everyone else is running out. They operate at horrific accident scenes and are the last hope for someone needing to be rescued. Through all…

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