Firefighting, Truck Company

Can I “Ax” You a Question?

Issue 6 and Volume 167.

By Michael N. Ciampo Probably one of the oldest tools in the fire service is the ax. It has been around so long that it’s portrayed on the side of the Maltese cross on fire department patches and insignias. It’s also carried or “married” to another fire service icon, the halligan tool, and known as the “irons.” Normally, the ax is used as a striking tool in forcible entry operations, and prior to power tools becoming so popular, it was used to cut holes through many roofs. However, are we using it to its full potential? Carriage Bolts As we attempted to force a homemade steel plate door at a gas leak, we found that conventional techniques were not working on the outward-opening door. We couldn’t use the power saw because of the flying spark danger, so we had to change plans. Noticing three rows of carriage bolt heads spaced…

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