Value of Fireground Building Intelligence 2

                                        Photo No.2: Exposed at ceiling level are flex gas utility lines above vehicle parking.

Engine Ops:

1. Only 2 enclosed fire-rated stairwells in extremely long hallways

      1a Length for:  Bldg. 1000 / 580 ft.

                                         Bldg. 2000 / 380 ft. will lead to excessive standpipe stretches.

2. Units must have additional lengths of Standpipe “roll ups” at the ready depending on fire apartment location. Worst case standpipe stretches will require up to eight (8) lengths of hose from a standpipe outlet off a protected stairway.

3. First-due engine officer shall consider stretching off engine, if fire apartment is on a lower floor and in close proximity to a stairwell.

4. 5th floor (duplex style) apts. have loft bedrooms up to 6th floor level adding to a hose stretch.