Firefighter Training, Firefighting, Leadership

Preparing for the Role of Company Officer

Issue 7 and Volume 167.

BY ROBERT TURNER You made the promotional list or were elected to be a first line officer within your fire department. What now? Often firefighters may wonder whether they will be able to lead firefighters in the firehouse, let alone on the fireground. As a potential officer, you are right to be concerned. When promoted to company officer, you assume new responsibilities and challenges. Both firefighter and civilian lives are at stake. You are responsible for ensuring the safety of the firefighters under your command and leading the charge to rescue lives and protect property. Your duties may include training, supervising building inspections, fulfilling administrative responsibilities, and maintaining discipline. How well will you be prepared for the new role that will rapidly become a reality? Here is a little advice: Make certain you know your department’s standard operating procedures/standard operating guidelines (SOPs/SOGs). Gain as much experience as possible. For example,…

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