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U.S. Security Associates Fights Fire with Training

Training was put to the test for U.S. Security Associates (USA) this year as security officers across the country extinguished real-life danger with classroom tactics. The security company has expanded its focus on fire safety this year with added courses and applicable training scenarios. Recently, USA security officers used this education to swiftly respond to fast-spreading fires, thereby preventing tragedy and saving clients enormous expense.

As one officer at a Pennsylvania client site was preparing to go home at the end of his shift, he spotted flames shooting from a cigarette butt receptacle in front of a business across the street. The fire was growing quickly, scorching the side of the building and threatening nearby electrical lines. The officer rushed across the street to help. Wasting no time, he hurried into the lobby of the business, grabbed a fire extinguisher, and put out the blaze.

While on patrol at a government site in Arizona, another officer spotted flames inside the building next door. He immediately called the fire department and began implementing emergency evacuation procedures. By the time emergency services arrived, the officer had successfully evacuated all building occupants, ensuring that everyone remained a safe distance from the endangered building.

A USA command post officer was monitoring a distribution center trailer yard when he noticed apparent flames inside a yard tractor. He immediately dispatched a patrol officer to investigate, who saw upon arrival that fire was engulfing the tractor. He quickly notified the command officer to summon the local fire department, who arrived and extinguished the flames, preventing the spread of fire. The patrol officer remained onsite throughout the incident, directed the firefighters to the exact location of the fire, and secured the area as they worked. Both officers made all necessary client notifications as rapidly as possible, keeping them informed and at ease.

USA’s Security Academy instills knowledge of efficient fire protection and evacuation procedures through targeted security officer training. Courses like Fire Safety, Emergency Response, and Egress and Fire Protection coach security officers to spot and eliminate blocked fire exits, malfunctioning fire equipment, and other safety obstructions.

Each of the aforementioned officers was honored with a U.S. Security Associates Distinguished Service Award. “We applaud these officers for their flawless execution of emergency procedures,” says Robert Lowrey, Manager of the USA Security Academy. “Their presence of mind was valuable not only in the classroom, but during crisis. These officers saved our clients, their guests, and their property from grave risk, proving that vigilance and observation skills are vital from the moment an officer interviews to the instant they’re needed most.”