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Fire Officials Warn About Teenagers Doing Fire Challenge

Colorado’s top fire officials have issued a warning about a dangerous and disturbing trend among teens known as the “fire challenge,” reports CBS Denver.

In a disturbing trend that is spreading on the Internet where people literally light themselves on fire. This week alone there were three cases where teens were seriously hurt.

Mostly teens douse themselves with a flammable liquid and set themselves on fire. They then post the videos online. There are thousands of them already posted and fire officials worry kids will try it in Colorado.

“They’re already looking at the sites, they’re seeing the videos. We can’t step back and pretend it’s not out there,” Micki Trost with the Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control said.

Without question it can and has gone horribly wrong as participants up the ante, finding more dangerous fuels and covering themselves with even more of it. In Houston 14-year-old Michael Simonete was rushed to the hospital. He sustained second-degree burns. There’s been one death already reported from the trend.

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