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Prominent East Lake Shore Drive Building Subscribes to RealView LLC’s CommandScope Pre-Plan Program

The 209 East Lake Shore Drive building, a prominent, 20-story luxury residential building, is being life safety pre-planned with RealView LLC’s all-digital CommandScopeTM. In the event of a life-threatening incident, CommandScope provides all of the critical data required by first responders including construction details, ingress and egress, utility shut-offs, aerial views, detailed floor plans, contact information, hazardous materials, fire hydrant locations, adjoining properties, persons requiring special assistance, fire protection, and more.

The pre-plan data will be on a touchscreen at the building’s location where a first responder first goes in the event of an incident, making the data available with a touch of the finger. This allows the responder to then act with complete knowledge rather than guesswork.

The 209 E. Lake Shore Dr. building was designed by revered turn of the 20th century architect Benjamin Marshall and is often referred to as one of his renowned works along with the famed Drake Hotel. It represents the deep architectural history and heritage men like Marshall forged in Chicago.

“The CommandScope program is very user-friendly,” said 209 Property Manager Felicia Perkins. “This enabled Chief Engineer Sammy Rodriguez and me to assemble all of the life safety property data with ease and in a short period of time to be entered in the pre-plan program. The ease of use also enables us to keep it up to date and current at all times.”

Other notable Chicago buildings and campuses that have adopted CommandScope include:

The John Hancock Building
150 N. Michigan Ave. (the former Stone Container Building)
191 W. Wacker Drive
Roosevelt University’s downtown campus, including the Auditorium Building
All three Loyola University Chicago (LUC) campuses including the Medical Campus

“First responders continuously answer the call to duty by putting themselves at risk to keep us safe,” says Stephen Nardi, president of RealView, LLC. “We designed CommandScope with the mindset that this is an advantage first responders need and deserve.  We are excited to see this technology becoming a fundamental tool available to first responders across the country.”