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BullEx Build Custom Shipboard Simulator for FDNY


BullEx is proud to have been chosen for the task of preparing FDNY members to keep their 520 miles of coastline safe.

The FDNY christened a new BullEx Shipboard Simulator named “Port Security” at the Fire Academy on Aug. 26. The ship is designed to mimic the intense conditions firefighters face while fighting fires aboard a boat or ship.

The four-story, 132 foot-long ship simulator, includes multiple training locations which recreate conditions firefighters would encounter aboard a vessel, including engine room fires, galley (kitchen) fires, oil tanker emergencies and fires on the ship’s deck. The training rooms, which were designed and installed by BullEx, use a combination of gas-based, class

It will be used by FDNY members whose response area includes the coastline, as well as other agencies throughout the area.

Shipboard fires pose unique challenges to firefighters because of the layout, restricted maneuverability of the closed quarters, ships’ crew responsibilities and water supply challenges, as well as potential hazmat situations – all factors for which firefighters must be prepared in advance.

BullEx President Ryan O’Donnell remarked, “BullEx is honored that FDNY chose us to provide a custom training solution for their firefighters. Working with FDNY has been a great experience and we look forward to a lasting relationship.”