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Self-Defense for Fire and EMS-full

Issue 9 and Volume 167.

By DAVID MILLS I was first introduced to the fire service as a martial artist. At the time, Eagle River (CO) Fire Protection District Chief Charlie Moore was taking classes at a local martial arts school where I was an assistant instructor. While there, he apparently recognized some quality in me which he thought might make me a good fit as a firefighter. That is how I began my career as a proud member of the fire service. My background has helped me see firefighting from a martial artist’s perspective. In many ways, firefighting has made me a better martial artist and, likewise, my martial arts training has made me a better firefighter. Martial arts has an ancient and proud tradition of rigorous training and preparation. It requires-from those who choose to follow its path-fierce loyalty, discipline, and commitment. For those who are willing to pay the price, the rewards…

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