P.2 ~ Mobilization Exercises: Long Island USAR Training

Issue 10 and Volume 167.

<Previous Displaying 2/2 Page 1, 2View Article as Single page SEARCH AND RESCUE To increase their effectiveness, the search and rescue specialists were notified of the MobEx site and were encouraged to learn more about Plum Island. This would help to place the specialists in the proper frame of mind for seaborne operations and wide-area search methods for devastated communities. This also helped to dispel any misconceptions about Plum Island and what goes on there. Note that no task force members refused to participate in the MobEx as a result of rumors heard or misconceptions held about the animal disease research facility. For the search squads and K-9 teams, the island itself presented the best challenges. Although there was only one main road, multiple unmarked secondary roads and paths branching off it led to multiple reinforced concrete bunkers and gun emplacements and two unlabeled rubble piles. All of these sites…

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