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FoxFury Lighting Solutions Announces 12-Foot Tall FoxFury Transformer 360 Degree Scene Light

FoxFury Lighting Solutions is pleased to officially introduce its tallest and brightest portable scene light, the Nomad Transformer. The rechargeable Transformer delivers up to 14,000 lumens for up to 24 hours at a max height of 12.5 ft (3.8 m). This powerful generator-free light uses CREE LEDs and can be used as a 360 degree scene light, area light and spot light.

The Nomad Transformer is the tallest member of the Nomad Area-Spot family. Like the Nomad 360, it can be used as a 360 degree scene light, 120 degree area light and 12 degree spotlight. What sets it apart is its ability to extend up to 12.5′  (3.8 m) tall to provide overhead lighting at large areas and events.

The Nomad Transformer deploys in around one minute and provides up to 14,000 torch lumens of light. This waterproof CREE LED scene light has three intensities and offers 3-24 hours of battery life. It has a remote activation option and its modular design enables ease of transport and storage.  

The Transformer’s cord and generator free design enable it to be a safer, quieter alternative to generator-powered lights (including balloon lights). It is also more versatile as it can be used inside buildings and near doorways.

The Nomad Transformer runs on a rechargeable NiMH power pack. Additional power packs can be swapped for use in military operations and emergency response.

It can be used as a tripod light when the head, triposcope and power pack are connected. If only the head and power pack are connected, it works as a mini scene light.

“The Transformer was built to save first responders and industrial professionals around the world time, money and frustration. We feel this lighting tool offers unique portability, power and performance,” said Mario Cugini, CEO of FoxFury.

The Transformer debuted at FDIC 2014 back in April. The design has been improved since and the product is officially ready for launch.    


The Transformer stores as 3 pieces for easy transport