FoxFury Lighting Solutions Sponsors Entertaining Camel Milking, Turkey Racing Duo

FoxFury Lighting Solutions is proud to continue its sponsorship of the Oasis Camel Dairy, which is the first camel dairy to open in the US. They use FoxFury lights in their animal shows (including the Wild West Turkey Stampede) and in nightly operation of the dairy.

FoxFury first met Gil and Nancy Riegler at the San Diego County Fair during one of their popular summer turkey races. FoxFury asked if they could help with portable scene lighting and the Rieglers took them up on it.

Since then, the Oasis Camel Dairy has been using various FoxFury area lights and spotlights to assist with nightly upkeep around the dairy in Ramona, CA as well as the traveling animal shows they perform in the west coast. Here is where and how FoxFury’s lights are being used: 

  • “Thanks to our portable, Nomad and BT lighting solutions; our live performances, nightly farm feeding… even delivering baby camels in the wee hours… we always have bright, white, light to illuminate the occasion without the need of an outlet and extension chord,” said Nancy Riegler. Nancy Riegler’s Bird Show: A Nomad area light or two illuminates this event when held at night at county fairs.
  • Wild West Turkey Stampede: several Nomad area lights are used to illuminate the turkey race track. It allows spectators to watch and frees the ground up of power cords. The lights can be seen in the turkey racing video (at right).
  • Around the dairy: BT spotlights are used to survey the property while Nomad NOW lights are used for afternoon/evening animal feedings.

The Oasis Camel Dairy has several animals at its 34 acre ranch in Ramona, CA off Highway 78. It was founded in 1989 and is the first and only camel dairy in America. 

“We really enjoy working with Gil and Nancy. Their events bring so much joy to kids and adults alike. We’re glad we can help them in some small way at events and behind the scenes,” said Antonio Cugini, Director of Marketing at FoxFury.  
Oasis Camel Dairy is closed to the public but has monthly farm tours including larger events like Pomegranate Days Festival, which takes place this weekend (Nov 22-23). They use camel milk to create camel milk skin care products and camel milk chocolate.