Knoxville Firefighters Helping Families Recover after Losing Homes

For many firefighters, the job doesn’t end when the fire is out. They’re among a number of people helping families that have lost their home just before the holidays, reports

“We’re not just firefighters when we’re on duty. We care about people. So, even when we’re off duty we feel a sense of concern towards people.”

Joel Goucher is a Knoxville firefighter and serves as Vice President of the Knoxville firefighters association, they’re working to raise money for families affected by the Sunflower Apartments fire and the fire on Skyline Drive that killed a child.

“Not only have we helped with donating clothes and these types of things, we’ve also given individual checks to people who have lost everything in their apartment,” explained Goucher.

This time of year it’s especially important to try and care for what can be salvaged in a blaze.

“They’re all things, but all of those things have great meaning – photo albums and the Christmas presents for the kids.”

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