P2 ~ Ammonia Release: The ONE PLAN Integrated Response Strategy

Issue 11 and Volume 167.

<Previous Displaying 2/2 Page 1, 2View Article as Single page Catastrophic event preparedness. Catastrophic ammonia emergencies occur for two main reasons: Responders are not prepared to act swiftly to mitigate the problem safely when it is small or there is an unanticipated explosion, flash fire, or valve failure that immediately releases a large aerosol stream. The overall game plan for addressing an ammonia emergency depends on the response team’s understanding of and preparation for the hazards, risks, and threats. The One Plan provides a Hazard Analysis Quick Guide (Figure 1) to judge the possibility of a catastrophic event. The 30-Minute Plan Emergency Control Guide provides checklist readiness reminders to ensure that the proper actions are taken to prevent, mitigate, and respond to the threats to avert a catastrophic event. Figure 1. Hazard Analysis Quick Guide Hazards are the chemical/physical characteristics of the products stored in the hazard area. Risks are…

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