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The Three Vs of Preincident Intelligence

Issue 11 and Volume 167.

BY ERIC G. BACHMAN A purpose of preincident intelligence (PII) is to identify, anticipate, contemplate, and counter the challenges and hazards in the fire district. Preincident recognition of constant and fluid community factors will directly influence an incident’s outcome and responder safety. PII is a process that is meticulous and entails more than filling in the blanks of a data collection form. Most fire department preplanning programs generally focus on fixed constants such as construction, utilities, and protection elements. As important as these facets are, other tangible and intangible circumstances must be contemplated. Although the common goal of most fire department mission statements is “to protect lives and property,” striving to do this requires a comprehensive preparedness approach. That approach includes three consequential distinctions summarized as “The Three Vs”: Variables, Valuables, and Vulnerabilities. Each must be considered in a fire department’s preparedness processes and programs. VARIABLES By definition, variable means…

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