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Liquefied Natural Gas Now a Viable Alternative Fuel

Issue 11 and Volume 167.

BY TOM GULDNER In the past, liquefied natural gas (LNG) has affected only U.S. fire departments in the few ports that have large LNG terminals and in some smaller, inland “peak-shaving” facilities. I have been training mariners and firefighters for more than 11 years. Up until now, the LNG training was needed only in these areas. Several recent events are in the process of changing all that. Environmental concerns in the United States are forcing new emission regulations on the marine and other industries. Vessels will be required to drastically reduce the greenhouse gases being released from their engines. Some new marine engines are being designed to comply with these regulations and still use the fuel oils they have been using in the past. But, another method being considered to reduce the emissions is to switch to LNG as a fuel for operating the vessel. This option had not been…

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