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Are You an EMS Detective?

Issue 11 and Volume 167.

BY TIM PERKINS Have you ever thought about how many different factors come into play on every emergency medical service (EMS) call to which you respond? What about how these factors determine how you approach the patient, interact with the patient and bystanders, treatment, and transport-not to mention how any one of these factors may affect your safety and that of your crew? The possibilities are as varied as the calls to which EMS providers are dispatched daily. All these factors can be considered “EMS clues,” and using your skills as an EMS provider-or “EMS detective”-can help you to be cognizant of scene safety, scene assessment, interview of patient and bystanders, assessment, treatment, and transport. There are so many variables, even when driving to the station for a shift. Think about the day of the week or the time of day: Would you be more apt to be called to…

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