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How Technology Can Stop Massive Fires from Destroying Cities

NBC News details how technology and sheer manpower can prevent fires from destroying cities

More than 250 firefighters battled Monday’s downtown Los Angeles fire, which consumed an under-construction apartment building near downtown, shut down traffic on the nearby Harbor Freeway and blew out several windows from adjacent office buildings.

It’s a fire that L.A. firefighters are calling a “career fire”–a monster that consumed the equivalent of a city block. Downtown Los Angeles is home to around 52,000 people. So why didn’t they have to worry about a fire like this destroying large swaths of their neighborhood?

A combination of technology and sheer manpower.

“The fire departments in Los Angeles are early-adopters when it comes to technology,” Bobby Halton, a former fire chief who now serves as editor-in-chief of Fire Engineering magazine, told NBC News. “The LAFD has done a tremendous job of containing that fire.”

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