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Saginaw (MI) Firefighters Save Colleague After he Collapsed at Wheel

While riding back to the station after fighting a suspected arson on the city’s East Side, two Saginaw firefighters noticed something wrong, reports

Their fire engine, stopped at a red light, began to roll forward before the light had changed.

That’s when Lt. Christopher McGowan, 37, and firefighter Brandon Hausbeck, 24, realized their driver was unconscious.

The two men sprang into action, stopping the truck and saving their fellow firefighter, who was suffering a cardiac emergency.

The incident happened on the morning of Thursday, Jan. 8, at the intersection of Genesee and Michigan, as the fire engine was returning to station No. 2 on Gratiot. The engine was dispatched to help battle a fire at 1328 Essling. 

Although the driver of the truck asked not to be indentified, fire officials are crediting McGowan and Hausbeck’s actions with saving a life.

McGowan pulled the emergency brake and got the driver out and onto the ground, checking for a pulse and removed the driver’s shirt. The firefighters — both trained EMTs — hooked an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to the stricken driver and the device advised them to shock the man.

They backed away and pressed the button to deliver a shock, which allowed the driver to regain consciousness, Hausbeck said. The two firefighters then performed CPR and placed the victim on oxygen.

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