P2 ~ “Big Box” Store Fire: Lessons Learned

Issue 1 and Volume 168.

<Previous Displaying 2/2 Page 1, 2View Article as Single page Lessons Learned/Reinforced • Sprinkler systems have limitations. The size of sprinkler piping, the spacing of sprinkler heads, the gpm flow per head, and the number of heads expected to operate are all based on calculations of the heat produced by the commodity protected, the manner in which it is situated or stored, and the size of the anticipated fire area. Proper operation of a sprinkler system also depends on adequate minimum static and residual pressures. Change the commodity to one that produces more heat than the sprinkler system was designed for, increase the fire area, or reduce the pressure, and the system may fail to control a fire. Additionally, sprinklers, except deluge systems, are designed to control a fire in its beginning stages. At this incident, the fire was intentionally ignited while sprinkler riser control valves were closed. This allowed…

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