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Fireground Accountability: Where Are We Failing?

Issue 1 and Volume 168.

by KENNETH J. SCANDARIATO The incident commander’s (IC’s) job as an “incident manager” has been consistently discussed and evolving since the birth of the American fire service. All too often, we continue to be reactive to the growing threats to our firefighters. Most of our innovations, changes, and mandates have been driven by the tremendous sacrifices made by our brothers and sisters. The changes we have embraced through trial and error have been hampered by tradition, complacency, and ego. Bad practices for firefighter survival continue to plague ICs to this day. Why? Accountability An important feature of the incident command system (ICS) involves controlling the access of personnel to an incident scene. All officers must be aware of the hazards involved in a specific incident and take the necessary steps to control access to areas under their supervision, to protect personnel from unnecessary exposure to existing hazards, and to keep…

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