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Tile Roof: Vertical Ventilation

Issue 1 and Volume 168.

BY GIBBY GORMAN The sight of red “Spanish” tile roofs is becoming commonplace in subdivisions across the United States. Up to 80 percent of new residential construction in the Sunbelt regions contain some form of tile roofs. For the homeowner, these roofs offer several positive aspects such as less maintenance and a longer life expectancy. For firefighters on the fireground, however, this roof presents a number of challenges. To vertically ventilate a tile roof home, the incident commander (IC) should first apply the “risk vs. gain” analysis to determine if going to the roof is an option. If it is, the IC should follow a ventilation game plan specific for tile roofs and be aware of the hazards of operating above them. The usual tactical mindset of ventilating with asphalt shingles or built-up roof construction doesn’t fit the profile of tiled roofs in part because of the extra weight supported…

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