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Lake County (FL) Firefighters Battle Early Morning House Fire

Lake County (FL) firefighters battled a third house fire in just four days last week as they encountered an early morning fire on Thursday.

“We respond to some type of fire on average about every 12 hours,” explained Lt. Brian Gamble, Vice President of the Professional Firefighters of Lake County. “Most fire departments average about 80 percent medical and 20 percent fire. But our averages are about 70 percent medical and 30 percent fire for Lake County firefighters.”

A little after 2 a.m., a house caught fire on Main Street in Okahumpka. Lake County firefighters and Leesburg firefighters quickly responded to the fire.

Fire shoots from the door of a dwelling in Okahumpka as a firefighter stands at the ready.

Firefighters arrived to flames shooting out of the house already. The occupants of the house were not home at the time of the fire.

“Fortunately no one was home and that prevented injuries or worse. However, unfortunately, when no one is home, that can allow the fire to burn for a long time before it becomes noticed by a bystander or passerby and results in more damage to the home,” Gamble continued. “When we arrive to a house on fire at 2 a.m., we have to assume that normally someone would be inside in most cases, so our firefighters will attempt to do search and rescue as a top priority if the occupants are not waiting for us outside or unaccounted for.”

Captain Mike Vitta, the Lake County Fire Investigator, is investigating the cause of the fire.