Methuen (MA) Firefighter Rescued After Falling through Hole in Burning Home

A veteran Methuen firefighter escaped serious injury Friday when he fell through a hole inside a burning home and dropped to the basement below where he was rescued by his colleagues about two minutes after he called for help, reports The Boston Globe.

The firefighter is a lieutenant assigned to Engine 5, has been on the job for some 20 years and was being treated for non-life threatening injuries at Holy Family Hospital in Methuen, said Deputy Fire Chief Sean Nartiff, who declined to identify the firefighter.

The two-alarm fire at 50 Gill Ave. gutted the one-story ranch home and the cause is under investigation by State Fire Marshal Stephen D. Coan’s office and the Methuen department, officials said. A dog owned by the residents was killed in the fire, Nartiff said.

It was during that search, Nartiff, said, the firefighter fell through a “burn hole” in the first floor of the ranch. He fell 10 feet into the basement and called out a ‘Mayday’ to his colleagues for help, Nartiff said.

Firefighters raced to the rear of the building, made their way inside and hustled their colleague to safey, Nartiff said. “It was full of fire and smoke,” Nartiff said of the basement. “But he was able to stand up on his own,” Nartiff said.

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